About Passionate World University

Passionate World University is such a university which is built to Transform the human race of living life into the right direction with the right and indestructible kind of positive Mindset and Resources. It’s a place for the Dreamers, Passionate People, Crazy, Success Obsessed People, Improvement Seekers and for the Unstoppable Legendary game chasers.
It’s a Life Skill and Business Training and Consulting University, which highly promotes the concept of Life Freedom and Financial Freedom.
The slogan of “Passionate World University” is “Excellence is Everything”.
This is a very unique and unconventional learning platform which is built to meet the Right and Effective way of Education that this century truly demands.

This university will definitely help you to eliminate all the bullshits and unnecessary data, information and knowledge that you have already placed in you and it will give you the right and effective data, information and knowledge in such a monetized way that will transform your whole life style.
This is the First virtual Life Skills and Business Training and Consulting University in the country. You must join in it to find yourself and have a life which is beyond average.

My Story

Jahid Hasan is such a name among Millions who Struggled, Bullied, Lost, Failed in life, Failed Several times in Business attempts, Used by people, Got Rejected Numerous times and Got Extreme level of Physical, Psychological, Spiritual, Financial and Emotional pain. Who was very disappointed with life, deeply depressed and searged ahead in search of true happiness, fulfilment, contentment, authentic internal peace  and true meaning of life and success.

Just like any lower class (Financially) guy, he too had lot’s of unclear dreams and  blurred vision of his mission in life. But all he has an undying learning attitude to hold his nerve onto. As he is Rising and Shining throgh a very humble situation, these were the time that had taken him into very deep Sense of Life and Business, Processes of Real Success and taught him the true meaning of his life.

As a result, now he is Teaching, Training and Educating people all those Strategies which are Extremely Practical, Important, Proven and Most Importantly Must Needed for everyone who wants to improve their standard of Life, Business and Income. Jahid Hasan has Self Studied the “Science of Success and the Wealthy”  from more than a Decade, now he is working as an Expert Life and Business Consultant.

Jahid Hasan has helped over Nine Hundred (900) people from 2014 to 2017 through his Counseling Services on Life and Business for free and In 2018 to 2020 he has worked as a high paid Personal Consultant with over 70 people from different background. He has over 9 years of Experience on Life and Employability Skills and Entrepreneurship/Business/Financial Education sector. September 25, 2019 he Founded a Training and Consulting brand “Passionate World” and has built that brand to a Eight Figure (8) Business Valuation in just two years.

He is the author of the book “Standout From The Crowd” what’s main theme is “How to Find your Passion and Turn it Into Business. So far, he has Trained, Coached and Inspired and touched the life of thousands but his mission is to help billion other people to find their True Purpose and Meaning of life before he dies.

My Values & Beliefs

Keep The Faith On The True Creator

The first and primary concern we all must have is about our True Creator, we must keep full faith on our True Creator and must not associate partner with him, and at the same time we must try to follow teachings of the greatest man on earth in the history of the univers is Prophet Mohammed (sa) and we must not try to involve ourselve in bidat ( which is not based on the authentic teaching of Rasul (sa).

Believe In Yourself Even When No One is Believing You

First rule is we have to believe in Allah then Second rule is we must believe in ourselve, our own intuition or instinct and not only follow our deep passion but also invest on our passion and make that dream a reality by following the Third rule.

Create Massive Action Plan & Execute

We do not get the desired dream life, thinking, praying and only believing, if we do not take massive action with those above mentioned things. As we all know Massive Action is the Key to all Success.

If you are born poor that’s not your mistake but if you die poor it’s your mistake ”

_Bill Gates

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